Educational & School Tours

Children can visit The Parks to experience how vegetables are grown. They can touch and smell the vegetables we grow in our green-house tunnels and outside.


We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs which we sell at our weekend farmer’s market and use in our kitchen. Children are taken on a tour of the farm where we teach them nutritional facts about our produce and general information about food choices.


Tours are open to all schools. Additional option: let the kids make their own pizzas to practice their fine motor skills.

We are open for sit down!


TUESDAY 9am to 5pm

WEDNESDAY 9am to 5pm

THURSDAY 9am to 5pm

FRIDAY 9am to 9pm

SATURDAY 8am to 9pm

SUNDAY 8am to 5pm

Fresh Produce orders must be in on Wednesdays by 8am
for collections on Friday

between 10am and 12pm

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